martes, 21 de mayo de 2013

Uruguay 2013 - Personalidades destacadas - Nibya Mariño

Personalidades destacadas del Uruguay - Sra. Nibya Mariño

Fecha de emisión: 22/3/2013

Valor: $15  (pesos uruguayos)
Diseño Gráfico: Eduardo Salgado
Tirada: 15.000 sellos
Imprenta: Sanfer SRL
Plancha: 8 sellos con 1 bandeleta
Categoría: Sello Conmemorativo

La presentación del sello contó con la participación de la propia Sra Mariño:,28&tipo=gral

3 comentarios:

keijo dijo...

Hi Pablo,

A question....I notice the print runs for many modern Uruguayan stamps you mention are very small (for example just 15,000 stamps for this). Do you know when the print runs dropped to this level?

I know that in the 1960s and 1970s they were printing as many as 500,000-1,000,000 copies of most stamps. And I suspect the 1980s print runs were pretty big too, as the stamps of this era can be found every now and then in worldwide mixtures. But the modern (1990s onwards) stuff... I've seen very little of it.


Pablo (yo) dijo...

I don´t know exactly, but if I guide myself by Argentina's printing runs, I would say it was at late 90's when the quantities were drasticly reduced.

Pablo (yo) dijo...

As far back as i can search in the uruguayan post site (, the print runs were around 35.000 for each commemorative stamp.